Roof Installation in Houston, TX

Make sure that inclement weather remains on the outside of your home where it belongs. Affordable 1 Home Services is dedicated to offering our clients reliable, prompt roof installation in Houston, TX. Regardless of whether you need residential of commercial roofing replacement or installation, we are the company with the skilled contractors possessing all the training needed to expertly install a brand new, state-of-the-art roof on your home or office. Our locally owned company prides itself on providing stress-free, efficient, and affordable services in order to ensure all of our customers can rest easily, knowing that they are getting a fair quote on the best services in the area. No matter what you need, our roof installers are here to give you the exact type of roof you want.

When you come to us for installation, you are guaranteed to see the work finished perfectly on time. We make sure to schedule our roofing services at a time that is most convenient for your schedule, striving to interrupt your daily life as little as possible while still getting the job done is short order. Our contractors make your home ready for whatever nature throws at it in no time. Don’t spend more money than necessary by calling us to set up a consultation today.

Roof Installers Who Understand Design

When it becomes necessary to get a full roof replacement, it is only logical to hire a team of roof installers that fully understand home exterior design and renovation. We have all the training and tools necessary to expertly integrate your new roof into the overall design of your home’s exterior. The new roofs we offer may be exactly what your home needs to revitalize its look, making everything look better than the day you bought the house.

Installing Roof in Houston, TX

When Do You Need Roof Installation or Replacement?

There are more reasons to get your roof replaced than just severe damage from storms. It may be the right choice for you as your roof begins to age, deteriorating from the normal effects of precipitation and UV rays over time. Roof installation offers your home a better look and increased structural integrity if your roof is over a certain age. The average roof lasts between 18 and 25 years, so if your roof is 20 years or older, seek out our team for a thorough roof inspection to determine the need for replacement.
Contact us today for an inspection of your roof to see if you need our roof installation services. We are proud to serve Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Richmond, and Missouri City, Texas, and the surrounding area.