Commercial Roofing in Houston, TX

If you own or operate your own business, you know as well as we do that then you have a damaged roof, you require the fastest, most affordable response possible. When you lack a dependable roofing contractor with whom you have built a relationship, you run the risk of your business facing loss of money from downtime or expensive property damage occurring, setting your finances back. If you need commercial roofing in Houston, TX, from a company you can depend on, turn to the company that understands the importance of quick repairs. Let us help you reduce the potential for loss of money and serious damage to your business.

There are a number of reasons, environmental and otherwise, that result in roof damages that are serious enough to need repairs. If nature has paid a visit to your office, store, or industrial complex, it is doubtful that it struck at a convenient time. We offer commercial roof repair and replacement services at an affordable price to compensate for the lack of convenience inherent in nature’s wrath. Regardless of whether your roof is damaged or simply aging, our team of commercial roofers is here to help, especially if your roof is damaged to the point that is poses a threat to your operations. With more than 40 years of experience offering the finest roofing services in the area, Affordable 1 Home Services is the name to trust for any of your commercial roof needs. We offer the following types of commercial roofs:

• EPDM Rubber Roofing • TPO Roofing • Flat Roofs • Built Up Roofs

Saving you Money on Commercial Roof Repair or Installation

We are the locally owned roofing company that understands how tight budgets get at times for small and medium businesses. When you are experiencing a tight budget, the last thing you want to deal with is the expense of commercial roof repair. Such an investment is often a major set-back for a business when it strikes at the wrong time. Trust in our team of contractors to get your businesses back on its feet at a price that is custom-tailored to fit within your budget. Our dedication to efficiency means that we are able to complete jobs in a very short amount of time without sacrificing quality, resulting in fewer costs. This reduction in costs, coupled with reducing your down-time as much as possible, means that we are able to save you money on labor while getting you back to making more money before you know it.

Commercial Flat Roof in Houston, TX

Call us today for the immediate commercial roofing services you need to keep your business running. We are proud to serve Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Richmond, and Missouri City, Texas, and the surrounding area.